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Different gift ideas for Christmas 2023 for your family and friends

If you haven’t considered it, there are different ways to give a gift…  We have come up with 8 alternative gift ideas that can help you think outside the ‘Christmas box’ and find something special for your loved ones:

Experience Gifts: Consider gifting experiences such as tickets to a concert, a cooking class, a spa day, or even a hot air balloon ride. These create lasting memories.

Personalised Gifts: Personalised items like custom-made jewellery, monogrammed towels, or a photo book filled with cherished memories can add a personal touch.

Subscription Boxes: There are subscription boxes for almost every interest, from gourmet food and wine to books, skincare, or even a monthly flower delivery.

Homemade Gifts: Get creative and make something special like homemade candles, hand-knit scarves, or a batch of your favourite cookies.

Charitable Donations: Donate to a charity or organisation that is meaningful to the recipient in their name. This is a thoughtful way to give back during the holiday season.

Outdoor Gear: Consider gifts like a high-quality hiking gear, items of outdoor equipment, torch, rucksack etc or if you have a big budget, even a new bike.

Digital Gifts: Gift them a subscription to a streaming service, an e-book or audiobook subscription, or a digital art class.

Board Games and Puzzles: Encourage family time with a selection of fun board games, jigsaw puzzles, or brain-teasing escape room kits.

Remember to consider the recipient’s interests and preferences when choosing an alternative Christmas gift to make it truly special.

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