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Cricket Tots

  How to boost your child’s confidence through cricket

Our children have missed out on so many opportunities for social interaction over the past couple of years.

All those things that we used to take for granted – like going to the park after lunch, playdates with their little pals, Sunday mornings at the local soft-play centre, and even a pat on the head from a neighbour or friendly passer-by – suddenly stopped being part of normal life.

So it’s no surprise that their confidence and self-esteem might have taken a bit of a hammering.

And while restrictions have largely been lifted, and we’re all trying to get our old lives back as much as we can, we need to make sure our little ones get their childhood back, too.

So how can Cricket tots help?

Taking part in any sport has a positive effect on your child’s mental and emotional health, and cricket is no exception.

Our fun and friendly classes for boys and girls aged 2 ½ – 5 years teach basic cricket skills through action-packed classes that are fantastic for their all-round development.

Alongside all the physical benefits, such as developing their gross motor skills and increasing their fitness, we’ll help boost confidence and social skills, as well as improve their mental wellbeing.

Because our classes are lively and energetic, not only will your little one burn off their excess energy in a fun way, but all that running around releases lots of happy hormones which will give them an instant mood boost! 

They’ll learn how to be part of a team by supporting, cheering, and helping each other, which will help their social skills come on leaps and bounds, as well as rebuild their sense of belonging and wellbeing.

And their self-confidence will soar through getting to play with other children again and picking up new skills along the way.

Kids love learning new things!

Remember how chuffed your little one was the first time they stood by themselves, or took their first steps? Children love learning how to do new things – it gives them a real sense of pride!

Conquering new cricketing skills won’t only improve their confidence, but their self-esteem will also get a much-needed boost as they master all the smaller steps needed to get them there.

Increased focus and attention

As well as helping them feel good, Cricket tots can increase your toddler or pre-schooler’s focus and attention – both of which are important skills to have when it comes to learning in general.

They’ll work on a range of different cricketing skills each week, including batting, catching, bowling, and fielding.

Even simple tasks, like lining up in a row, doing high fives at the end of a team talk, collecting balls for re-bowling, or saying their name for the register, have an important part to play in helping prepare them for school.

Whatever they’re doing, our Cricket tots always have a whale of a time doing it and leave with a big smile on their faces!

Ready for your little one to start the innings of a lifetime?

Cricket tots classes in Suffolk are run by James Parks – a dad of 2, secondary school teacher, and keen all-round sportsman!

We have venues in Hollesley and Kesgrave, and classes take place indoors (so rain will never stop play!).

All children are welcome to come along for a free trial – visit , email us on or call us on 01394 813415 to find out more or book your child’s space.

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